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23" x 23" Full Color Customized Sparkling Glitter Vehicle Door / Back Magnets provides high quality full color printed ultra metallic sparkling glitter magnets allowing you to advertise your brand, business or products on your vehicle without damaging the paint, and give you the opportunity to apply it and promote your business everywhere you go and when it is needed simply remove your signs without any residue. You can apply and remove your magnetic signs as many times as you wish. This unique product can be purchased exclusively from and it's connected businesses.

other sizes: 

23"x23" Sparkling Glitter Car Door Magnet Prices :

$69.00 ea
$65.00 ea
$62.30 ea
$61.50 ea
$59.90 ea
$58.90 ea
30+mil Silver Glitter MagnetC$69.00C$130.00C$249.00C$369.00C$479.00C$589.00
30+mil Gold Glitter MagnetC$69.00C$130.00C$249.00C$369.00C$479.00C$589.00

Order your 23"x23" Sparkling Glitter Car Door Magnet now :

Sample 23"x23" Sparkling Glitter Car Door Magnet Artworks

You can browse a few custom 23"x23" Sparkling Glitter Car Door Magnet artwork designs below, and by clicking on any thumbnail images you will see the artwork samples in higher resolution


A few reasons and advantages to order your ultra metallic sparkling glitter vehicle door magnets from

  • and connected businesses are the only places to order this product from.
  • low prices, in many cases lower than competitor's pricing on standard magnets
  • there is no extra color charge
  • there is no any hidden cost on our products, the price you see is the price you pay !
  • we offer the silver and gold ultra metallic vehicle door magnets in four sizes; 18"x11" & 23"x12" for cars, and 23"x18" and 23"x23" for trucks. for custom sizes please contact us.
  • high resolution printing
  • full bleed printing, you won't see white borders around, printed till the edges
  • full color 4/0 CMYK printing
  • high quality 30+ mil ultra metallic silver or gold sheets
  • $10 flat regular shipping charge to any addresses in Canada. Expedited, overnight or express service extra.
  • $20 flat rate tracked shipping to US addresses 
  • however your first two orders must be paid in advance, starting with your third order we offer net15 and net30 payment conditions without credit check ! 
  • high gloss protective lamination


Sparkling Glitter Ultra Metallic Vehicle Door Magnet product information:

  • 4 color printing process, using CMYK ink configuration
  • 30+ mil ultra metallic silver or gold magnetic sheet
  • 1440/720 DPI High Resolution Print
  • High Gloss Protective Lamination
  • 5 years outdoor durability
  • 23" x 23"
  • full bleed printing
  • 1-3 days turnaround