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We offer Custom Oil Change Reminder Service Stickers

Custom oil change reminder stickers have two great advantages to your business; as a free service you remind your customers when they need to visit a garage to change the oil again, and help your business to keep customers, since when they know they need to visit a garage again, they actually see your business information as well, and they most possibly will visit you again. Our generic (stock artwork) oil change reminder stickers do the half of this job, keep your customers informed about the date and/or mileage when they need to schedule for a service appointment. Custom oil change reminder stickers give you about 80% more returning customers than the generic oil change reminder stickers!



Oil Change Reminder Sticker Prices in Vancouver :

49¢ ea
27.6¢ ea
17.8¢ ea
12.9¢ ea
10.5¢ ea
10¢ ea
9.2¢ ea
8.8¢ ea
7.9¢ ea
White Static ClingC$49.00C$69.00C$89.00C$129.00C$209.00C$299.00C$369.00C$439.00C$789.00
Clear Static ClingC$49.00C$69.00C$89.00C$129.00C$209.00C$299.00C$369.00C$439.00C$789.00
White Low Tack VinylC$49.00C$69.00C$89.00C$129.00C$209.00C$299.00C$369.00C$439.00C$789.00
Clear Low Tack VinylC$49.00C$69.00C$89.00C$129.00C$209.00C$299.00C$369.00C$439.00C$789.00

For Garages and Dealerships with Corporate Agreement we offer all the Oil Change Reminders on a discounted price with a minimum order of 2000 pieces at a time. Ask about this option! Good News, Your Area (Vancouver) is Covered by, we do ship to Vancouver!

Order your Oil Change Reminder Stickers now :

Sample Oil Change Reminder Sticker Artworks

You can browse a few custom Oil Change Reminder sticker artwork designs below, and by clicking on any thumbnail images you will see the artwork samples in higher resolution


A few reasons and advantages to order your oil change reminder stickers from

  • the lowest prices on the market in the automotive industry - in case you know any other suppliers who has better prices on the same product/service that we provide, we match the price and give you an extra 5% OFF too!
  • there is no artwork setup charge - our art department builds your design needs at no cost either you need a new creative from scratch or your previous creative needs updates or even a fresh, different look.
  • there is no rush order charge - in most cases we ship out your order on the same or the next business day! We understand emergency situations when you're about to run out of your stickers, to help on these situations we put your order, or partial order at the 1st position of the queue at no extra fee - just ask this service when you need to.
  • there is no second, or any additional color charge, we make your stickers using full color CMYK technology, so your artwork design can still be from only one color, or multiple colors even use gradients. 
  • there is no any hidden cost on our products, the price you see is the price you pay !
  • we offer the five most popular oil change reminder sticker materials (clear static cling, white static cling, clear low tack vinyl, frosted clear low tack vinyl and white removable vinyl) for the same price, however the you will always get the best result on opaque white stickers; better protects the writing against fading, better visual appearance in most of the lighting conditions
  • we offer 5 different standard oil change reminder sticker sizes : (1 7/8 x 1 7/8) 1.875" x 1.875", (1 7/8 x 2 3/8) 1.875" x 2.375", ( 2 x 2 ) 2.0" x 2.0", (2 x 2 1/4) 2.0" x 2.25" and (1 1/2 x 2 1/8) 1.5" x 2.125" for the same price, additionally there is no any extra cost for custom regular or oversized sticker dimensions up to 4.5 square inches
  • New material - for more visibility we are offering reminder stickers on bright yellow removable vinyl as well.
  • we offer 3 basic shapes for the stickers, square or rectangle, rounded corner square or rectangle, circle or oval 
  • we use the highest quality materials, made in the USA - cheaper quality cling products usually thinner, and they do not have enough static charge to keep the stickers on the windshield, many times they fall down in a few days.
  • $10 flat regular shipping charge to any addresses in the USA or in Canada. Expedited, overnight or express service extra.
  • we do not offer products from third party suppliers, we do all the related tasks in house from artwork setup till shipping - this solution saves you time and money, and you will always get the same high quality products from us.
  • however your first two orders must be paid in advance, starting with your third order we offer net15 and net30 payment conditions without credit check ! 


Oil Change Reminder Stickers product information:

  • 4 color printing process, using CMYK ink configuration
  • eco-solvent inks for both save the environment, and keep the print vivid and fresh, not allowing fading
  • high quality static cling materials 8 mil (0.008") in thickness, or removable low tack vinyl materials ~3 mil (0.003") in thickness
  • oil change reminder labels are precisely die-cut individually, and will be shipped 15-30 on sheets depending on the stickers' size


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